IDMC Conference Sydney 2017


The Kingdom Strikes Back!

25- 26 August 2017

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About IDMC Conference Sydney 2017


How do we redeem the marketplace for Jesus?


Think for a moment. Where do the MAJORITY of men and women spend a MAJORITY of their time interacting with a MAJORITY of the lost world? At church? In the neighbourhood? NO. In the workplace! Yet, as Doug Sherman, in Your Work Matters to God, indicates: “Our surveys reveal that 90-97% of Christians have never heard a sermon relating biblical principles to their work life.”


For many, work can be a drag. Many find their jobs unfulfilling. They hate Mondays and can’t wait for Fridays. They live for weekends and vacations. According to a Princeton management survey of the American public, 62% of Americans say they hate their jobs! Is that the way it’s supposed to be? What should be the Christian’s response to work?


IDMC Conference 2017 picks up this very crucial theme of Marketplace Discipleship. It is an important subject for radical discipleship today. We’ve got to redeem the Marketplace for Jesus. It is here where the Kingdom strikes back!

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  • Pastors & Leaders Advance
  • $25Standard Rate
    • 25 August 9:30am to 1:00pm @ Dayspring Church, Castle Hill
    • 2 sessions
    • Includes morning tea

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    • 25 August & 26 August 2017 @ Dayspring Church, Castle Hill
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    • Fun discipleship program for children 4 to 12 years old during IDMC Conference
    • Children under 3 free (no program, creche facilities available)

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Rev Edmund Chan


Ps Ann Chan

Reverend Edmund Chan

Founder of Global Alliance IDMC

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Pastor Ann Chan

Mentor & Speaker

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Conference Location

Pastors & Leaders Advance 25 August 2017 & IDMC Conference 25-26 August 2017

Dayspring Church, Castle Hill
15 Salisbury Ave, Castle Hill NSW Australia 2154

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